The FAM logo symbolises the unity and forward progress of Malaysian football. Comprising of four main elements, the FAM logo stands for the development and awareness of the international image and patriotism of the sport in Malaysia. The Malayan tiger leaping over a football is the main element of the logo, and symbolises the courage and dignity required while playing the game. The paddy stalks represent the prosperity and wealth of Malaysia, and the development of football in the country from the grassroots level. The Malay kris that rests at the top represents nationalism, and awareness that FAM represents Malaysia at every level of football. The entire emblem is enclosed within a circle that represents the unity and timelessness of the sport.


Harimau Malaya Song

Lagu rasmi Harimau Malaya (dahulunya Harimau Malaysia) merupakan lambang sorakan penyokong skuad kebangsaan yang setia memberi sokongan ketika menang ataupun kalah