FAM's Local Competition's 31'st Extra Ordinary Meeting for the 2010-2014 Session

Based on the meeting that was held this afternoon (11 April 2014) at Wisma FAM, the following was concluded:

The Perak team was faulted for registering a player for the Malaysian Super League (from the Presidents Cup) without waiting for the 48-hour window period for the match between them and the T-Team. As the Perak team was faulted, the win was given to the T-Team, with the score of 3-0.

The FAM League match between PB Melayu Kedah and Pahang Shazan Muda which was initially scheduled for 9th March 2014 in Kedah has once again been postponed. The competition committee has decided that a rematch will be held. The new date is yet to be announced

ATM's request to draft a English player who holds a Malaysian PR status for their youth team has been denied. This is because according to FAM's statue, only Malaysians can be drafted for the youth teams.

PB Terengganu's protest over Kelantan playing Mohd Fitri Omar (their suspended player) during the Super League match no 59, (Terengganu -v- Kelantan) on 29th March 2014 has yet to be resolved as the investigation on the issue is still ongoing. Results of the investigation will be revealed upon it's completion.

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