Results of the Disciplinary Board Meeting on 1 April 2014

Based on a 10 hour discussion, the FAM Disciplinary Board had concluded the following:

1- Flares thrown in the Selayang Stadium, Selangor The Sarawak Football Association has been fined a grand total of RM10, 000 as they were found guilty of two counts of misconduct. The first was because it was concluded that their fans had thrown flares in the stadium grounds, and the second was because their fans had lit flares in the stadium grounds.

Each offence incurred a fine of RM5000. The Sarawak FA had argued that they should not be held responsible for the incident as there was a lack of proof that the flairs were thrown by Sarawakian fans (the perpetrators were dressed in the Sarawak jerseys).

The Disciplinary Board however made their decision based on the fact that the Sarawak fans were allocated seats in zone C & D of the stadium, and this was where the flares had been thrown.

2- Tunnel issue in the Larkin Stadium, Johor. The Disciplinary Board clearly stated that the only angle that was reviewed during the meeting was the security angle. Based on the review and the various discussions, it was concluded that the incident occurred due to the lack of effective security on site.

As it was an issue involving the JDT club, the JDT club was issued a fine of RM30,000. Both parties involved in the issue have made police reports, and FAM is waiting for the conclusion of the police investigation before perusing this matter further.

3- Racist issue between the Pahang and Johor teams at the Darul Makmur Stadium, Pahang. The public uproar on the alleged issue of racist statements made during the match on has finally come to a conclusion.

Damion Steward from the Pahang team had accused both Pablo Aimar and Lucino Figueora from JDT of making racist slurs against him. The Disciplinary Board had concluded that due to the lack of solid evidence, no disciplinary action will be taken

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