Technical Department Workshop


Technical Department Workshop

Picture: Schmid giving his introductory speech to all coaches

On the 16th May 2014 FAM'S Technical Department had organized a workshop at Wisma FAM to discuss on the overall vision and mission for the development of Malaysian football.

Among the purpose of the workshop is to introduce Fritz Schmid  as the new Technical Director of FAM to all 29 coaches who attended the one-day workshop.

The workshop was facilitated by Schmid himself spoke of the new directions and strategies that have been planned to tackle the development of Malaysian football.

The participants were divided into small groups where they worked together to discuss their plans that would lead towards the development of coaching and football for the nation. The coaches agreed that the workshop was a positive move by Schmid,  as it was a rare occasion where they could all meet,discuss and work together on the plans for the development of football at a national level. 

Assistant Head Coach for Harimau Muda U-15,  Mohd Khushairi said that he was happy to be able to to join this workshop as he had the opportunity to express his ideas and ask for the opinions from other coaches on how to tackle challenges that he faced with the team.

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