Intermediaries are a crucial part of modern football in the world. Every transfer window, there are a lot of player moving from one club to another, one country to another and one continent to another continent. Malaysian football fans passionate towards the game can be seen when pre-season games and during the season as the support given to their favourite club is undeniably magnificent. Malaysian football also welcomes players from other part of the world to involve in the Malaysian football league. Up to this date, Malaysian football league has more than 90 foreign players plying their trade in this South East Asian country.

In FAM, we are in the midst of final stage of publishing our very own Intermediaries Regulations and this regulation will be brought to FAM Executive Committee to be ratified and we wish to publish the regulation before the upcoming transfer window which begins on 20 June 2016.
However, Football Association of Malaysia (“FAM”) through their FIFA TMS manager FAM managed to list the intermediaries involved in Malaysia football league based on the first transfer window in December 2015.


No. Intermediaries Players Teams
1 Mohd Hizwan Salmizi Mohd Azmi Gilberto Carlos Maragoni Filho Felda United F.C.
2 Joe Ipiso Briggs Baže Ilijoski Kelantan FA
3 Joe Ipiso Briggs Jonatan Lucca Kelantan FA
4 James Hardy Jonathan David McKain Kelantan FA
5 Felix Ndukwe Obinna Erick Weeks Lewis Perak FA
6 Sanat Sharipov Vokhid Shodiev Perak FA
7 Felix Ndukwe Obinna Elias Fernandes de Oliveira Perak FA
8 Globe Link Sport Agency Juan José Morales Terengganu FA
9 Abdul Salam Bin Mohd Rasol Abdoulaye Maïga T–Team F.C.
10 Abdul Salam Bin Mohd Rasol Makan Konatè T–Team F.C.
11 Abdul Salam Bin Mohd Rasol Dilshod Sharofetdinov T–Team F.C.
12 Leon Sanchez Patrick Dos Santos Cruz T–Team F.C.
13 Marco Paulo Goncalves Guimaraes Gonzalo Manuel Soto PKNS F.C.
14 Ricky B Swen Jr Frédéric Pooda Sime Darby F.C.
15 Mohammad Razeen Khalid Ha Dae-won Sime Darby F.C.
16 Laszlo Kleber Mateo Roskam Sime Darby F.C.
17 Budi Liminto Eliel da Cruz Guardiano UiTM F.C.
18 Arman Ospan Pavel Matiash UiTM F.C.
19 Lee Dong Jun Kang Jin-Ouk UiTM F.C.
20 Arman Ospan Pavel Purishkin UiTM F.C.


















Payment By:


Felda United FC


Kelantan FA


Perak FA


Terengganu FA

MYR 126, 000.00

T–Team F.C.

MYR 230, 000.00


MYR 60, 000.00

Sime Darby F.C.