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Malaysia Juarai Pestabola Merdeka edisi ke-41

Kuantan, 14 September 2013: Malaysia berjaya menjulang kejuaraan Pestabola Merdeka kali ke-41 yang berlangsung di Stadium Darul Makmur, Kuantan dengan berjaya menewaskan Myanmar 2-0 menerusi penyerang negara, Rozaimi Abd Rahman pada minit ke 28 dan jaringan Putera Nadher pada lewat permainan iaitu masa kecederaan di separuh masa kedua.



The stage is set for an intriguing battle in the final of the 41st edition of the Merdeka Tournament at the Darulmakmur Stadium in Kuantan , Saturday night (15 Sept).

Malaysia and Myanmar square off against each other in what will not only be a battle on the pitch but a tactical battle between two coaches, Malaysia's Ong Kim Swee and Myanmar’s Park Sung Hwa.

Nasir’s ‘long air strikes’ worry opponents


The exploits of Mohd Nasir Basharuddin in launching air strikes via his long throw-in’s has got opponents sit up and take notice of his uncanny ability at the 41st Merdeka Tournament.

The 22-year-old has the ability to launch a missile, akin to former Stoke City player Rory John Delap, thus creating havoc in the opponent’s penalty area.

And he has a unique way of training for it – as he uses a medicine ball, weighing 12 pounds to build his strength in his arms.

Malaysian women’s team loses again

YANGON - Brittany Whitfield made up for her penalty miss when she scored a late in the game to give the Australian Under-19 team a hard-fought 1-0 win over Malaysia on the second match day of Group A of the AFF Aya Bank Women’s Championship 2013 here at the Youth Training Centre, Wednesday (11 Sept).

The win was Australia’s first while for the Malaysians, it was their second loss after falling to Jordan by the same score line two days earlier.

Harimau Muda sahkan tempat di final

Harimau Muda mempamerkan permainan bermutu tinggi apabila menewaskn Thailand 3-0 dalam perlawanan peringkat kumpulan Pestabola Merdeka di Kuantan, Rabu (11 Sept).

Kira-kira 5,000 penonton menyaksikan perlawanan yang berlangsung di Stadium Darulmakmur itu.

Malaysia akan bertemu Myanmar pada perlawanan akhir. Myanmar menewaskan Singapura 2-0 dalam satu lagi perlawanan yang berlangsung di Stadium Temerloh.

Harimau Malaya tewas di China

Pasukan senior kebangsaan atau Harimau Malaya tewas 0-2 kepada China dalam satu perlawanan persahabatan antarabangsa di Stadium  Tianjin di China Selasa (10 Sept).

Perlawanan ini adalah sebahagian persiapan pasukan Harimau Malaya untuk meneruskan kempen kelayakan Piala Asia.

Pasukan kendalian Datuk K. Rajagobal itu memulakan kempen kelayakan Piala Asia dengan kekalahan 2-0 kepada Qatar Februari lalu sebelum menewaskan Yemen 2-1 pada bulan Mac.

AFF U-19: Malaysia draw with Myanmar

SURABAYAMalaysia battled to a 1-1 with Myanmar while hosts Indonesia blasted Brunei 5-0 in the AFF Under 19 Championship Group B matches here Tuesday (10 Sept).

But the surprise of the day was Vietnam who ourplayed Thailand 3-2 at the Petrokimia Gresik Stadium.

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More great news for football fans in the on-going 41st Merdeka Tournament in Kuantan!

Women’s Championship: Malaysia 0 Jordan 1

A well-taken freekick from Shahnaz Yaseen Mahmoud Jebreen gave Jordan a 1-0 win over Malaysia as they took the lead in Group A of the AFF Aya Bank Women’s Championship here at the Youth Training Centre in Yangon, Monday (9 Sept).

In an evenly contested affair, the Jordanian girls scored the only goal of the game off Shahnaz Yaseen eight minutes to the end.